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About Our Church

Welcome to St Peters Lutheran Church

St Peters Blackwood is a congregation of the Lutheran Church of Australia. We are situated at 71 Cumming Street Blackwood in the Adelaide Hills.

We gather for worship each Sunday at 10 am and you are always welcome to join us. We have a variety of worship styles, with Holy Communion on the first and third Sundays of the month.

An integral part of our church is St Peters Lutheran Primary School, with students from ELC to Year 7.

Jesus turns no one away

Friedemann Hebart

What it means to be Lutheran

  A Lutheran is a Christian who believes …
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Our School

  We built our school 20 years ago with a specific purpose in mind;
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Join a Group

  Become a part of any community within our church and meet other members.
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Our Worship

  We celebrate a diverse range of services and music styles.
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About Our School

Our International Baccalaureate [IB] P-7 school has an Early Learning Centre (pre-school) and offers after-school-hours care for primary school students.

Becoming a Member of Our Church

Becoming the Modern Church member, our attendees are able to encourage each other in our Christian walks and hold each other accountable.
Connect With God
We connect with God through:
• prayer and worship
• praise: our music
• the Bible: our listening time.
Connect With Our Community
• our involvement in Mitcham Hills Interchurch Council
• our support of chaplains in State schools
• involvement in the Blackwood Christmas Parade
• Anzac Day Services
• use of our facilities by local musical and service groups
• our popular Blackwood Mother’s Day stall
Connect With Each Other
We connect with each other:
• through our weekly worship and greeting each other
• in our small groups
• our weekly Bulletin
• our school
Connect With Our School
• School chapel services on Fridays at 8.45 a.m.
• Community Sunday services in which the school and church communities worship together
• working with, supporting and encouraging teachers and other staff in their roles in our school