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Christmas Nativity 2020

24 December 2020

The children of the congregation presented a lovely Nativity play on Christmas Eve.

2020 was a year of turmoil with COVID-19 pandemic so we chose to present a play by Angela Yardy called "Good News Nativity" that was designed for congregations to present either live, or via video link, in the event that we might be in lock down on Christmas Eve.

Luckily we were not, so we were able to give a live performance!  The children told the story of the birth of Christ via the format of a news report for the Bethlehem Daily News where roving reporters interviewed shepherds, wise men and Mary and Joseph as the events of Christmas Eve unfolded. This was interspersed with bible readings and everyone's favourite Christmas carols.  

Our Christmas Eve nativity play is always a highlight of our year, and for many families in the local community.  The seats are usually packed with everyone joyously celebrating the wonderful birth of our Savious Jesus Christ.

Angela Yardy's script